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Avatar Gaming FX8164ICE, Amd FX8120 Processor, 16GB DDR3 Memory, 1TB Hdd, Windows 8, Liquid Cooling System

Gaming FX8164ICE
Avatar Gaming FX8164ICE Amd FX8120 Processor 16GB DDR3 Memory 1TB Hdd Windows 8 Liquid Cooling System Image 1

Looking for gaming system? Look into the black/black, Gaming FX8164ICE brought to you by Avatar. The color for the gaming computer is black/black. The features are windows 8, amd fx8120 cpu, 650w, 80+ bronze certified power and 16gb ddr3 memory, 1 tb hdd. For those who are into computer game playing, you understand how priceless it truly is to use a quick link, a new precision sensitive mouse, along with a pc making use of technical specs. black/black, Gaming FX8164ICE possesses things masters have to have and it also probably will not hurt your pocket book. One of the primary things masters will be looking for is always high grade audio and video. Will need the monitor to do your video justice. Overclocking the CPU is truly a good way to achieve additional speed from the device. Make certain the system provides a lot of RAM, it is the most cost effect means to gain more performance. However, only Microsoft windows 64bit computer operating systems provide the utilization of above and beyond 3GB of Ram memory.


MPN: Avatar Gaming FX8164 ICE
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Color: black/black


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