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Cybertron Pc X-PLORER2 4240ABBS, Amd Fx Gaming Pc, W7 Professional, Cross Fire X, Black/black

Cybertron Pc XPLORER2 4240ABBS

Demolish the opposition Cybertron Pc X-PLORER2! I certainly liked that the product had the feature of dual radeon hd5570 1gb cards in cross fire x - amazing frame rates and smooth as glass graphics. Cybertron Pc X-PLORER2. If you need a good deal for this pc for your gamers, check out the market add to cart button.


Model: 4240ABBS
UPS: 844750014876

This Cybertron PC X-Plorer2 Series Gaming Computer is really a machine designed for speed! You will discover new heights of gaming power and prowess with this fantastic machine! It is built utilizing a potent AMD FX Series HEXA-Core processor (6 cores) , a full 8GB of fast DDR3 memory and Dual 1GB Radeon Video Cards in Cross Fire X Configuration for a total of 2GB of Video RAM and Dual-GPU processing energy for all your gaming needs!


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